Northwestern Network Mentorship Program

The Northwestern Network Mentorship Program is designed to cultivate meaningful, professional mentor/mentee relationships between the school’s accomplished alumni and current students or fellow alumni. Alumni from all class years, programs, and schools may participate as volunteer mentors or mentees or both; students may participate as mentees. These mentoring relationships are meant to provide valuable support and guidance to student and alumni mentees as they navigate their careers, explore new career paths, or consider graduate school.

How It Works

  • The program is open to students and alumni from all class years, programs, and schools.
  • Participants must register by logging onto the mentorship program’s easy-to-use online platform and completing a profile, which takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Alumni may participate as a mentor, mentee, or both at the same time. Students may participate as mentees.
  • Mentors may accept up to three mentees at a time; mentees may have up to two mentors at once.
  • Student and alumni mentees are then able to search for and request a mentor who best matches their career interests.
  • Alumni mentors may either accept or decline a mentorship request.
  • Mentors remain anonymous until the connection is accepted. Once mutually established, the mentor-mentee pair then agree on goals and communication preferences, including whether they’ll speak by phone or meet in person and how often they’ll connect (typically over a period of 3 to 6 months).

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