Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired

Eighty percent of the people hired for a job are already known and trusted by that workplace; we call them “insiders”. In this webinar, Sheila Markin Nielsen teaches you how to become the insider who gets hired through a process of rapid relationship and trust building.

Through the metaphor of a quest, you will learn:

  • How to create your own luck
  • How to prepare for the quest
  • How to get around the resume-blocking gatekeepers
  • How to find key people to connect with
  • What to say once you connect with them
  • How to continue building your connections
  • When to start using the word "job"
  • When to go for the close
  • How to give back to your connections

Her advice is direct, practical, and wise, based on over 25 years of professional counseling experience.

Details About the Webinar


Thursday, January 21, 2016
12:00 -1:00pm Central Time
Cost = Free

All you will need is your computer, a strong internet connection and the speakers on!

Link to join the webinar will be in the confirmation email following registration.

A recording of the webinar will be sent to all registrants following the live event--you don't need to be available for the live event and you're welcome to view the recording as often as you'd like!

About the Speaker

  Sheila Markin Nielsen, MSS, JD

Sheila Markin Nielsen has over twenty-five years of experience as a career counselor and executive coach. She has worked with over 3,500 professionals and new graduates providing guidance with career direction, job search, interviewing, professional development and difficult workplace problems. Sheila has a master’s degree in social work from Bryn Mawr and a JD from Temple University. Sheila worked as a criminal prosecutor first in state court as a state’s attorney and then federal court as an Assistant US Attorney. She is a columnist, blogger and popular public speaker. Her first book, Job Quest for Lawyers was published by the American Bar Association in 2011. Her new book, Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired was published in 2014. 


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